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Barecular is a mobile cocktail catering company based in Toronto, known for creating unforgettable events across Ontario. They offer a bespoke service that is tailored to a variety of events, including corporate functions, private parties, and weddings. The company prides itself on delivering the perfect cocktail experience with impeccable service, positioning themselves as an ideal choice for any event that requires a sophisticated and professional beverage service.

Their services are comprehensive and customizable, including a range of modern bar concepts such as Tiki Bar, Sangria Bar, Mojito Bar, Martini Bar, and others. Barecular specializes in providing experienced bartenders, a customizable portable bar with LED lights, and bar décor, along with syrups, sodas, garnishes, and glassware upon request. They also focus on crafting personalized cocktail menus based on client preferences, ensuring each event has a unique and tailored drink selection.

One of the unique aspects of Barecular’s service is their commitment to crafting quality cocktails. They offer barrel-aged cocktails, which involves aging drinks in wooden barrels for a minimum of two weeks, imparting a unique smoky flavor to the beverages. Additionally, they engage in molecular mixology, a technique that involves mixing drinks using scientific methods to manipulate ingredients on a molecular level, thereby reimagining classic cocktails and creating new, innovative drinks.

Barecular’s founder, Prit, brings over 10 years of experience in the hospitality and spirit industry, including training with Jameson Irish Whiskey in Dublin and extensive travel in France and other European regions. This global exposure and expertise are reflected in the company's services, making Barecular a distinguished choice in the mobile bartending and cocktail catering industry in Toronto and beyond.

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Welcome to Barecular, your premier cocktail catering company in Toronto, bringing unforgettable experiences to events across Ontario. Our bespoke service is designed just for you, ensuring that every sip is a taste of perfection. Elevate your event further with our optional bar rentals, adding a touch of sophistication and style to your celebration. Cheers to creating lasting memories with Barecular!


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  • Mocktails
  • Tiki Bar
  • Sangria Bar
  • Mojito Bar
  • Martini Bar
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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