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Immerse your event in the art of mixology and entertainment with Blue Blazer Events—the epitome of experienced cocktail and flair bartenders. Elevate your party to new heights by considering the addition of a private bartender who not only crafts exquisite cocktails but also dazzles your guests with flair skills and bar magic.

At Blue Blazer Events, we bring a touch of spectacle to your gatherings, turning every sip into an experience. Our team of bartenders is not just professionally trained; some boast prestigious UK and International titles, showcasing their dedication to the craft and ensuring an unparalleled level of expertise at your event.

Whether you're hosting a corporate function, a wedding celebration, or a private party, our experienced bartenders are ready to infuse energy and entertainment into the atmosphere. Picture your guests being captivated by the artful juggling of bottles and the creation of bespoke cocktails, making your event truly unforgettable.

Make your celebration stand out with Blue Blazer Events, where the fusion of skill, entertainment, and mixology transforms every pour into a performance. Contact us to bring the flair and expertise of our cocktail artists to your event, leaving your guests in awe and creating lasting memories.


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  • Flair Bartenders
  • Mobile Bar Rentals
  • Cocktails
Blind Ln, Ingrave, Billericay CM12 9SN, UK

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